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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Wishlist 10 #1

What's that? A new series of posts? Why yes it is!
My number one hobby seems to be online window shopping - constantly popping bits into my basket that I've fallen in love with but will probably never part with my dear cash for.
I share so many of these things on social media so I thought I'd start rounding them up in weekly blog posts - The Wishlist 10.
Ten items I'm lusting after that week..... such a fun way to share with you what is catching my eye at the time and maybe even an easy shopping guide for you all!

Crochet Dress - Forever 21
One Year Wiser - ASOS
Half & Half T-shirt - ASOS
Rose Gold Reebook Classics - Schuh
Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21
Mermaid Highlighters - ASOS
Pink Borg Coat - River Island
Grey Short Uggs - Daniel Footwear
Embroided Grey T-shirt - New Look
Camo Coat - Forever 21

AF's included

Sunday, 27 November 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Blog & Social Channels Easier For PR Companies

As most of you will already know I work in PR and social media (and LOVE it),  and I also, obviously, run this blog! It's so fun being both sides of the e-mails and I really enjoy interacting with fellow bloggers as well as fellow PR companies!
In my time within this industry I have talked to many fellow bloggers (and yes they are all total babes)!
When it comes to contacting and organising bloggers, I have noticed there can be a few things that hinder a company or brand getting the information they need so I thought why not write out a few TOP things for you guys to ensure you are including all the information that's needed!
Check out these 5 EASY bits and bobs below.....

Tell Us Your Name
Yes, you would think this would be a total given, but yet there are still blogs out there where there is actually no indication at all of what the writers name is.
 I hate having to write "Hi there" in my e-mails and one of my personal pet hates is getting e-mailed "Dear ayellowbrickblog".
I mean fair enough if you want to keep anonymous or not use your real name, but make sure there is something that we can call you by! I have been on Blogs, Twitters, Instagrams and more of the same person and still have no clue what their name is or what to call them!

Social Media - the kings of the internet
It is always fabulous to have your social media channels in plain sight on your blog and even better if your followings for each are showing! Being able to find all your platforms in one place is a life saver.... believe me!
(Oh and for the love of God... get them to open in a new tab :)

UK? North, South, East, West?
Now this one is handy for event invites!
If PR companies are looking for bloggers in a certain area it's great for them to be able to see if you are close enough or not!  I'm not saying give up your street name, postcode or even town but just the area you live in makes it so much easier for PR companies to send you relevant e-mails that may be of interest to you - Manchester, London, North West, South East, Isle Of Wight....  it's always good to know - even if it's just on your Twitter or Instagram!

Contacting YOU
It's all well and good finding your blog and loving your content - but if you want to be involved in PR opportunities, having your e-mail address prominent on your blog/social is essential.
Having a 'Contact Me' section is always perfect.... one where you have a contactable e-mail address too not a form to fill out ;)
Including it in your social media bios is also perfect - it makes life ALOT easier and saves so much time.

Having a search option within your blog is also a fantastic addition and useful tool for people looking to work with you. It gives them access to be able to find any relevant content you may have created previously.

These may all seem SO super obvious but you may be surprised to know I sit there weekly looking at blogs unable to find names, e-mail address or even if they have a Twitter or not!
Do let me know if you'd like any other PR themed posts, or maybe if you have any questions at all!


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Lush Christmas Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Tick tock, tick tock.... Christmas is coming!
So, of course... my eyes are currently drawn to anything Christmas related, Christmas scented or Christmas themed.... look - I just like Christmas okay!
Now I'm going to start off by break all the blogging rules right now - brace yourselves....
I haven't really tried out many of  Lush products  - there I said it... I'm sorry beauty blogging world!

I bought the Bubblegum lip scrub last year and fell in LOVE but that's pretty much it.... so as soon as I saw that there were Christmas edition scrubs out I was in there like swimwear!
I struggled to choose between the two festive newbies but in the end went for Sugar Plum Fairy, that pretty little pot you can see above!
Lip scrubs are THE perfect product for winter. Every year I seem to attract get dry, sore and flaky lips... #eww #turnoff - so having a scrub has become a vital part of my beauty routine!
With this I just pop a bit on my finger and rub it in circular motions around my lips, before removing it with a tissue or cotton pad, you can lick it off but I'm not a fan of doing that! (Sometimes I even just rub my lips together with it on... it's as easy as that!)
This makes the lips smoother and gets rid of any nasty unwanted dead skin - this also helps to create the perfect base for your lip products.... which, if you're using a matte lip is essential! 

The scent to the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub is super sweet (my favourite kinda product) and fruity - so yummy!
I highly recommend the lip scrubs from Lush, I LOVE that they keep adding new flavours too try out!

Let me know your top picks from Lush, I feel like I NEED to explore the world of fresh handmade cosmetics a little more!
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