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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Disney Wishlist : August


Monday, 22 August 2016

4 Reasons Internet Friends Are God Damn Great!

A good few years ago if you said you had a friend online people may have looked at you like 1. you were crazy, 2. naive and 3. ... kind of sad. (Or 4. your parents would have banned you from using the family computer)

Nowadays more or less all of us who venture into the world of social media have people we talk to on a regular basis without, most of the time, ever even meeting - and it's not weird!

This is a huge thing in the blogging world and I, myself, have many lovely girls I've met online who I class as friends that I can contact and talk to at any time of the day!
So..... why are internet friends oh so fabulous? ....

1. You have ALOT in common
Yes - you are always guaranteed to find someone else online who has the passion and love for the same thing/s as you! 
You may bond over your obsession with Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Disney - or talk in depths about that awesome TV show that's on right now *cough*PLL*cough*(yes I'm totally referring to myself here) ... or maybe you collect spoons and you've found someone else that does too - you never thought you'd see the day right?
Sometimes you may even feel that you have more in common with those internet pals you tap away on your phone talking to than your best friends of 20 years. (Nothing wrong with that obviously, we all have different passions and hobbies!)  

2. They are ALWAYS there (any time of day or night!)
I mean us bloggers are online alot. We are slaves to social media and spend a good few hours on the internet a day..... don't deny it.
So if we need some help with some online shizz, want to ask a question.... or maybe need to vent about things that your friends, family and partner might not quite understand? Queue those incredible internet friends that totally get your html woes and Instagram struggles!

3. They are amazing supporters
The amazing girls I've been luckily enough to chat to are literally the supportive babes ever! Always helping me when I feel down and helping me with my blogging woes and confidence issues. (April Todd you are the best!)

4. Even though you've never met .... you can still poor your heart out to them.
They say sometime it's best to talk to people on the outside! Hello internet friends.
Yes, you can crack on and pour your heart out to them, rant, tell them your deepest darkest secrets and know they won't judge you or think you're strange.... in fact they probably did the same thing to you last week.

 Thank you to all my internet pals out there - you know who you are - not everyone understands the weird 21st century relationship we have .... but you rock! (and we WILL meet asap, I promise!)


Saturday, 13 August 2016

My Summer Hair Saviour

With the UK treating us to some warmer weather these past few months my hair has really taken a turn for the worse.
I mean dry, brittle and frizzy - it's never a look a girl wants - especially whilst trying to dodge styling and using heat to encourage growth!

Nothing I was using seemed to be helpful... until one day, whilst flicking through an old magazine, I spotted a random sachet and I decided to give it a go.
This sachet was for a new product from the Garnier Ultimate Blends range - a range which I have been a huge fan of in the past - the Weightless Nourisher Balm!

After using the sachet I was sold and went out straight away and invested in a full sized pot (which was on offer at the time! #winning).

This stuff is an intense conditioning treatment blended with Virgin Olive Oil, and Safflower Seed Oil!
With a creamy but light texture this balm is so nourishing without weighing down the hair at all.

I've become a complete addict. My hair hasn't felt like light, soft and naturally healthy for months and this product has become a firm fixture in my haircare routine, using it a minimum of once a week.
I've been trying to get my hands on the shampoo and conditioner in this range too but it's been sold out everywhere I go where I live at the moment - island struggles!

If your hair is in need of a pick me up and you're on a budget, I cannot recommend this product enough!

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