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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rosie For Autograph Insta Glow Matte Bronzer Review

Make-up review time and how god damn pretty is this!
A few weeks ago now I ventured into a place I don't tend to visit often, good old Marks & Spencer's!
I'm not a regular visitor as I don't live super close to a store but when I do go in there are always two aisles I head straight for.... the food (hello chocolate covered cookie dough) and the make-up!

I first stumbled across the Rosie For Autograph range earlier this year and fell head over heels for the range and everything I tried from it.
The packaging, the quality, the colours - I was hooked... so it was inevitable that I would end up walking away with a bag full of goodies.... opps!
Yes, not only did I just HAVE to have this gorgeous bronzer (yes we'll get to it I promise) but I also purchased a fragrance and the candle from the range (but we'll get to those later this month!).
I am a sucker for any highlighting product. Literally anything with a bit of a shimmer or a glow I'm there, I will throw my money without a second thought and it to my ever-growing collection of pretty powders, creams and sticks!
As soon as I saw the Insta-Glow Matte Bronzer from the Rosie collection I was sold - it didn't have a price on it and I didn't care, I was buying it.

This is gorgeous marbleized bronzer and highlighter duo in a super pretty floral design compact (I seriously didn't want to use this at first!). It helps to create a sheer natural glow and, for me, is the perfect finishing touch to my everyday make-up.
I have to say though I'm not too sure why this has the word 'matte' in it and it is super shimmery.... which I love!
I had a Fake Bake bronzing brick which I used for years and years and since that ran out (and was discontinued #boo!) I haven't found anything half as good, until now - I'm obsessed with this!!!

Priced at £20 I would happily buy this over and over.... although I don't think that's going to be necessary as powders seriously last me forever, I don't know how I do it!


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Disney Wishlist : October


*AF included

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

OOTN : Suede & Leather

Well.... it has been a long, long while since I did any form of outfit post.... or any post in which you actually SEE me but  hello, here I am!

Its not often that I get dressed up and go 'out out' so I thought I'd grab a shot for the blog while I had bothered to get out of my pyjamas on a Saturday night!

Nope... I haven't found the aid to magically grow my lob out in a matter of minutes but ... I have got some fabulous new extensions!
The lovely people at Lush Hair Extensions recently sent me some gorgeous Ultimate Full Head Extensions which I have been loving! At only 16" they are just what I wanted for my currently growing lob to give it a little more length and volume - having longer hair always makes me feel a little more glamorous on a night out, it's nice to be able to do something different with it!

This top ('body') is from boohoo and I LOVE it! At only £12 it's perfect for easy day-to-day wear with jeans and boots/trainers but can be glammed up with a skirt or shorts for a fun night out! I'm seriously obessed with Boohoo at the moment.... as you will notice!

I LOVE a bit of leather.... and yes this isn't actually leather but I love leather-look fashion - I felt very rock-chickesque with this and my boots #rockandroll! (I seriously want the pink version of this aswell!!!)

A total bargain at £14 - with a longer strap included this is definitley going to be my go-to 'popping out' bag - it's a great size AND has two different zip compartments!

My babies! I was SO excited to finally be able to wear these beauty from InTheStyle - so cute and perfect for this season, I know I'm going to get SO much wear out of these!

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